2017 Health and Diet Survey

The annual health and diet survey was completed in June 2017. The plan being, to randomly and confidentially survey 100 friends. The volunteers mistakenly thought they had taken 100 surveys but it was later discovered that 86 were actually completed. Out of the 86 surveyed, six people reported that the day of the survey was their first time visit to Feed My Sheep. Because of this the results of the health and diet portion of the survey was calculated from the remaining participants surveyed. Seventy-eight people reported that the food they receive helps them to achieve a balanced healthy diet. Seventy-four of those reported that their health has improved or maintained good health, which is 93% of those surveyed. Of those thirty-eight reported that their doctors agree that they are in better health. We had twenty-one people tell us that they would have an adequate supply of food if they didn’t come to Feed My Sheep, with nineteen of those adding to their comments that they would have enough food but that they can’t afford the healthy food their bodies need.

Two families told us that their kids have more energy with one single mother saying that because they are eating better, the children are now able to do their school work and she is now able to go to work and have more energy and their minds are more alert.

Nineteen people reported that they are generally feeling better, five said their blood pressure has improved, fiver reported healthier cholesterol levels. Three said that their diabetes is better with eight reporting that they are now more active and have more energy. A total of sixty-seven health improvements were reported. With Six reporting that they have been able to maintain good health.